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Reception Reports

This feature aims at showing on the map the dish sizes that allow a good reception of a beam,
updated upon your own reception reports. Your specific comments for each beam are also available under the map.

In order to post your own reception reports you must define your position and dish size on the Profile page

Theorical beam coverage - frequencies: Eutelsat 5 West A  Large

Detailed reception reports and comments about this beam:

2013-08-18 20:50:45bert123 (51.9N-5.2E,100cm) 4154, 4162, 4114, 4124 mhz ok

2010-03-16 03:23:59nordligvind (43.6N-26E,85cm) Réception parfaite

2009-03-07 18:28:32marco62 (50.4N-1.7E,75cm) Pas de signal sur recepteur visionic slim3 numerique, alors que ok en analogique.

2009-03-02 21:35:31assouma (-,80cm) longitude latitude or decoder digitale 80 cm

2009-02-05 15:31:12slimbar (-,150cm) ? salut comment entre les donner sur latitude et la longitude merc

2008-12-12 22:01:31emilam (40.2N-17.1E,80cm) Segnale ottimo.

2008-10-16 22:34:25lorenzo1979 (38.6N-4.1W,100cm) ? salut je n'arrive pas a recevoir la crtv (cameroun ) sur atlantic 3 depuis madrid aidez moi svp

2008-10-04 13:27:25rachidsat (33,47N-8,48E,120cm) ? ok a tunis

2008-10-04 13:27:22rachidsat (33,47N-8,48E,120cm) ? ok a tunis

2008-08-05 00:43:44Jedin (64.5N-21.1E,110cm) Ok signal

2008-06-02 14:43:55Itar-Tass (56.3N-36.9E,200cm) ? 12711/h/30000

2006-12-03 12:08:35sabrina06 (43.6N-4.7E,80cm) très bonne réception

2006-06-15 20:56:29mbortola (-,0cm) ? trouvé position precise sur site IGN france

2006-06-15 20:34:05mbortola (-,0cm) ? pouvez vous me dire comment trouver mes coordonées géographique ( proche chateaubriant,44,france)

2005-11-28 10:28:55mbortola (-,0cm) ? القنوات الجديد الموجود في القمر الصناعي في الخط من الدرجه 5 غربا الى 8 شرفا غير متواجدا على الساتال

2005-09-30 16:47:40mbortola (-,0cm) ? Average signal with 80cm and 0.3db LNB

2005-08-03 11:57:39Chezzdevil (42.5N-2.4E,135cm) Very good reception +88 35 TV & 16 Radio on DB7000 with 0.3 LNB (all W5 combined)

2004-08-18 20:30:57adrian (36.6N-5.2W,150cm) excellent reception in marbella

2004-07-26 19:13:40 (43.1N-3.2W,120cm)

2004-05-21 23:51:20michel2003 (49.8N-4.2E,85cm)

2004-05-07 16:51:41ducat (47.4N-1.6E,80cm) ? je ne recoit plus de signal depuis le 5/05/04. aidez moi s'il vous plait merci.

2004-04-26 04:18:57 (38.6N-45.7E,90cm)

2004-04-22 00:12:07dlec (50.2N-4.3E,80cm) bon signal analogique

2004-03-13 15:25:52Steve (32.5N-34.9E,110cm) Excellent 99% signal on the Iranian and Philippenes Mux (12669V and 12714V)

2004-02-01 09:36:31Marcus cactus (49.3N-2.1E,80cm) Je n'ai plus de signal sur Atlantic Bird 3 depuis ce samedi. L'antenne ne semble pas avoir tourné puisque les autres sat sont OK.

2003-11-21 16:47:36rolls (43.6N-7.2E,80cm) super bonne recpetion avec parabole 80cm LNB universelle et recepteur analogique

2003-10-26 14:50:06algerie (35.7N-0.5W,90cm) ? je ne recoie rien sur ce satellite en numerique en clair aide svp

2003-08-31 23:24:31Synchro (46N-14.5E,95cm) In Slovenia I can not get the signal for this satellite. Is that ok, or should I see it clearly?

2003-08-15 13:17:44dxn (39.9N-9W,200cm) strong signal on all chls

2003-07-17 12:30:18gamer (40N-21.4E,120cm) Poli kalo sima.Sta analogika h eikona einai pentakathari.Sta psifiaka to sima ftanei eos kai 80%.

2003-04-09 23:20:08stduf (50.5N-2.3E,75cm) good reception

2003-03-09 23:44:49Stafford,UK (52.8N-2W,90cm) All analogue French channels brilliantly clear although as in secam are black and white here in England.

2002-09-17 13:34:32bafef2 (35.3N-6.3E,150cm) tres bonne reception

In order to post your own reception reports you must define your position and dish size on the Profile page


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